Express delivery in Nigeria and to other parts of the world
  • Question: Can the post delivery tummy trimmer  be used by someone who is yet to give birth or who have birth long ago and I desiring to get rid other belly fat?
  • Answer: Yes it can because the girdle has a high compression which helps control excessive food intake thereby forcing the belly back on after a period of consistent wearing.
  • Question: How soon can I start wearing the post delivery girdle after child birth?
  • Answer:  For vaginal delivery it can be worn as early as 24 hours after child birth if there are no complications. While for cesarean deliveries, you can start using it  from 2 weeks or after the cut is dry.
  • Question: Does it help loose weight?
  • Answer: Yes, because it prevents over-eating.
  • Question: How do I know my size?
  • Answer: By your dress size and by measuring your hips very tight. Our size chart is there to guide.