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Latex Waist Trainer with Hook and zip


  • USD: 30.40$

Latex Waist Trainer with Hook and zip


  • USD: 30.40$

This is a magical Waist Trainer for each beauty lover: partial obesity, postpartum mother, white-collar ladies miss the good figure but pity that no time to focus on it, those losing weight but rebound shortly, or the crowd with a picky requirement for a flawless figure such as AD models.

This will help you get that figure you’ve always wanted, by instantly lifting ,shaping, slimming the body and flattening your stomach, waist and hips.

This shapewear is capable of lifting your hips instantly by giving you the desirable figure you have always wanted

WEIGHT LOSS AROUND YOUR STOMACH & TONES & TARGETS MID SECTION: This Fat Belly Burner Belt is designed to cover your stomach area entirely and it targets your abdominal muscles to burn calories. This fat shredder belt goes firmly around your waistline and it strengthens and supports your ab and back muscles. It has a strong Velcro closure that allows you to curve and shape your waistline.

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